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‘This album is weaving together all of those parts of my life,’ she says.

‘Until this time I wanted to keep them separate because I thought it was too weird for the pop music scene, but it’s been coming to me that it’s important to bring them together, it’s what makes me different.’

“It’s about the collective experience – the things that make us human, the aspects of our cosmos that unite us.”

Deeply rooted in Holy is an urgent call to action that begins by looking inward. “There is such mess around us,” says the artist, who laces her music with sophic twists of attitude and inflection through the album. “We have to change the world by changing ourselves. My songs start with my experience – fear, anger, challenges. By entering deep into my darkness and transmitting it through song and sound, I hope that it can be mirrored in the macrocosm. I really believe that together we can manifest a world that is harmonious and loving and respectful.”

“Holy is an arms-wide-open embrace-all album. I wish my songs will inspire people to hope, feel supported in their desire to make a difference and
remember that we really can with every action, thought and word.”



Sasha & The Love Frequency


15TH APRIL 2020 at St Ethelburga’s LONDON UK


Sasha’s Sound Bath is a unique, healing and immersive music experience where you will be laying down on yoga mattresses and letting the sound and energy fill the space.
The music frequency of Sasha is based on the 432Hz, knowns as The Love Frequency! Sasha’s studies into psycho-acoustics and the philosophy of sound, studies carried out at Cambridge and then during her PhD at Harvard, this is music literally on a different frequency, what’s known in scientific circles as ‘The Love Frequency’, a frequency that’s been used to heal patients recovering from serious illness and soldiers with post-traumatic