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listen here

It is a strange thing to ‘meet’ you in this way. I would like to see you and hear you ask you about your life. In place of that for now I welcome you to my page.

I believe in the sacred power of sound. Think of the Big Bang Theory – or even any of the creation myths from around our world. It is one of the building blocks of our existence. Sound plays a lead role in creating the world.

So I keep following its lead. I keep showing up to write and to sing and to listen to because it helps me to live life alive. And because I love to serve with its power – to enliven, to heal, to celebrate, to remind.

I lost my voice as a child. My grandmother got down on her hands and knees to help me look for it under the kitchen table. I searched for it everywhere.

Then I found song. I read a poem by Maya Angelou that my mum had given me on my 11th birthday – ‘The Caged Bird’ – and set it to music. Writing that first song set something free within me. Song expressed something that I couldn’t convey in any other way.

It was almost as though I had discovered a secret magical language. A language of enchantment that could transmute sorrow into joy, despair into hope, emptiness into dance. It could transcend all limitations and connect me to my truest self and to the world around me in ways that filled me with an aliveness.

Alchemy happens with music. Gateways open for us to transcend our limitations and experience life “in tune” with ourselves. Music has changed me.

And I believe in its power to ‘change the world’ into a world where people live in harmony with others while following the beat of their hearts.

Will you be joining me for the journey?

Thank you for visiting and come again soon!




Sasha & The Love Frequency


Connect with Sasha online for an unique and immersive music experience! The music frequency of Sasha is based on the 432Hz, knowns as The Love Frequency! Sasha’s studies into psycho-acoustics and the philosophy of sound, studies carried out at Cambridge and then during her PhD at Harvard, this is music literally on a different frequency, what’s known in scientific circles as ‘The Love Frequency’, a frequency that’s been used to heal patients recovering from serious illness and soldiers with post-traumatic

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