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Your Song


Do you know that you matter? Do you know that the world lights up because of you? Do you know you are a STAR?

Your unique-untouchable-TRUE-beauty is what makes this world wonderful. You are made of wonder as much as any star, any sun. And you are irreplaceable.

Do you believe me? Do you know this to be true? Or are these words making you uncomfortable?

Daily life can be tough and can bruise us mentally, emotionally, physically even. Over time we tend to lose touch with this awe and wonder that we come in with as children.

Low self-worth, over-compensating, settling with mediocrity can become our comfort zone.So we have to remind each other through the layers of forgetfulness, who we truly are.

I recently ventured out of my comfort zone (I recommend this as a daily practice btw!), after a dear friend asked me if I would record this cover song.

I had never recorded a cover before. My friend’s question helped me realize that I hadn’t felt worthy of entering another artist’s sacred space. The songs I’ve loved enough to want to sing them, are the songs that I’ve felt are so perfect that they should not be touched.

But with a little urging from my friend I decided to lighten up, release this self imposed rule,and give it a go!

So why ‘Your song’?

I sat at the piano after breakfast a few weeks ago and this version of Sir Elton’s song came out almost fully formed within a few minutes. That pleasurable flow has rarely happened with my own songs. It was as though this version of ‘Your Song’ had been lying dormant within me for years-waiting to be let out 😉

I’ve loved Sir Elton’s music since watching the Lion King as a young girl. I didn’t have money then to buy his records so I would play the radio at home and wait for his songs to come on so that I could record them onto tape 😉

I’d always admired how direct and colloquial Your Song is, how it takes off the Mask of Song somehow. And yet, while singing it, I began to hear the song from a very different perspective. I found myself awakened to depths of meaning within it that I had not perceived before.
Finding my own meaning reflected within Bernie’s words and Elton’s melody was amazing. A recognition that we are-as songwriters, all servants of the great Song Tree.
The Song Tree is a mystical tree in my imagination, one which every song ever written is a branch, and every rendition of that song is a leaf. As musicians, we are in service to that tree. We are in service to song, to sound, to creation.