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World Earth Day

Today is world earth day. Together as inhabitants of this earth – we are one family. We are all connected through a quantum web and every one of our thoughts words and actions effects the other 7 billion of our relatives around the globe.

We are all like cells in a body and for the body to thrive, every cell has to thrive. Thus, A healthy Mama Earth can only be our reality when we are all healthy and vice-versa.

It has never been more clear that each of us will have to contribute to a major shift if we want to heal the environmental damage caused by man’s lack of awareness and carelessness.

Turning off one light switch when we leave the house may not seem worthwhile given the immense environmental damage we are up against, but collectively – 7billion people taking seemingly small action – adds up to massive impact. We can do it and these small, individual steps are so important!

Additionally, I firmly believe that the lasting shift available to us all, lies even Deeper within.
It is about remembering our own wholeness, our holiness. But what is holiness?

It is not something abstract, lofty, unattainable – as so many religions have depicted it to be.
It is something to be experienced and embodied and it is available within each and every one of us to awaken to.

Think of an electric current. For the energy to flow successfully, a circuit needs to be complete.
Likewise, in order to shine brightly (We are stardust!) in our own lives, our internal energy circuit is required to be whole and complete. Holiness – divine light embodied – is the result of that wholeness between all our parts.

Feeling whole can be challenging in our world of challenges and pollution and war and poverty and carelessness.

And yet, as I express in my recent single ‘Holey Wholly Holy’, no matter how broken we may feel, there is an eternal part of us that always remains whole.

Holiness for me is living with the awareness of that wholeness within and without; that we are all unique and yet all at the same time aspects of the same endless source of light. With this awareness we cannot help but live in awe and reverence and gratitude: all ingredients for a JOYFUL existence.

So today on earth day, as we think about practical ways to cut back on our energy consumption and saving electricity, perhaps we could also take a moment to consider how we can repair and amplify our own inner circuit.

Where are we draining ourselves of energy (on negativity, gossip, blame, shame, opinion, judgement, criticism, fear etc) and thereby depriving ourselves of living a holy life as is our birthright?

How do we take massive action to remedy these within us and thereby enhance our life and embody more of our divinity?

The ancient teachings say: ‘As within so without’ and so… if every member of our global family were to take more care of clearing up our inner trash and pollution, the more I believe that Mother Earth will also thrive.

Let’s do this? Together?