After nearly 20 years of training within the the Well-Tempered tuning system of Western Classical Music, I finally had a chance to attend my first ‘Love Frequency’ Sound Bath.

My body has always been sensitive to sound but …

Your Song


Do you know that you matter? Do you know that the world lights up because of you? Do you know you are a STAR?

Your unique-untouchable-TRUE-beauty is what makes this world wonderful. You are made of wonder as …

Eve Eyed

Eve Eyed

I recently hosted an intimate gathering of women at Fitzrovia Chapel-a gilded chapel hidden in the heart of London.

The purpose of the evening was to celebrate our femininity through sound, song, and story.

The women arrive wearing …

World Earth Day

Today is world earth day. Together as inhabitants of this earth – we are one family. We are all connected through a quantum web and every one of our thoughts words and actions effects the other 7 billion of our …