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Eve Eyed

Eve Eyed

I recently hosted an intimate gathering of women at Fitzrovia Chapel-a gilded chapel hidden in the heart of London.

The purpose of the evening was to celebrate our femininity through sound, song, and story.

The women arrive wearing white as requested and are offered rose tea before settling onto a sheepskin rug. The rugs are arranged in a circle around my collection of instruments-bells,drums and string instruments lovingly collected over the course of my travels since I was a teenager.

My dear friend, Shani Lehrer, lovingly adds crystals to the floor arrangement.

By candlelight we all open to share our story: where we come from and where we are going.As is so often the case in London, the handful of women gather tonight have such varied origins that together in this moment it feels like we are a representation of all the women of the world.

I am touched by the bravery with which each woman allows herself to be vulnerable in sharing her experiences, her traumas, her desires.

The women are then invited to lie down and receive a guided meditation and ‘sound bath’generated intuitively and according to the heart beat of the room.

Making my way around the circle, I work with my instruments so as to create waves of sound, while Shani weaves between the women with aromatic oils-lightly touching their temples. The room sounds: first with delicate bells to sensitise, then gruff shamanic drumming to awaken and cleanse, and finally, song to uplift and celebrate.

To finish, I share an acoustic version of my song Eve-Eyed: A song that acknowledges the burden women have faced over centuries (particularly in the Judeo-Christian-world as the supposed cause of man’s (Adam’s) downfall) while also celebrating them for their ability to bring light-life-from the depths of darkness.

As I sing to these beautiful women-they are invited to join me in song. Gently our voices mingle and the room vibrates with communion and love.

As the incense burns out it is clear that a delicate yet palpable alchemy has occurred tonight.

Together we agree to bring this kindness and attentiveness and openness out to the other women and men in our lives.