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After nearly 20 years of training within the the Well-Tempered tuning system of Western Classical Music, I finally had a chance to attend my first ‘Love Frequency’ Sound Bath.

My body has always been sensitive to sound but bathing in the frequencies of 432Hz and 528Hz, I noticed a shift that was more visceral and palpable than anything I had experienced before. Walking out into the streets of Brooklyn afterwards, I felt more ‘at home’ and ‘in tune’with myself-more ‘elated’-than I could remember. What had happened? How had these frequencies worked their magic on me? What was this magic made of and how could I benefit others with it through the music I make?

A quick google-search revealed much controversy surrounding the effectiveness of ‘The Love Frequency’ BUT-(as the hours spent in the music libraries at Cambridge and Harvard Universities revealed to me)-psychoacoustics and the physics of sound can offer deeper insights into the effects of certain frequencies and tuning systems on the body.

Many cultures have used different tuning systems to align the body with Universal Energies;bringing us into harmony with the Natural world around us. Think, for example, of the Indian Ragas-(each Raga designated for a different time of day or for inducing a certain mood)-or Pythagoras’ Music of the Spheres.

By the end of my research-even though my mind wanted to argue with my findings!-I could not dispute the powerful healing effects that certain frequencies have on the body.

The ‘Love Frequency’ can entrain the body into a state of homeostasis, releasing oxytocin,balancing the heart rate etc.; it effectively raises the vibration of our bodies into a state of‘Love’. And who doesn’t like the sound of that!?!

My romance with the healing properties of sound deepened further on meeting Sound Alchemist Philip Schardt who showed me ways in which ‘healing frequencies’ and ‘binaural beats’-most often found in sacred meditation music-could be used in my music production.And thus we birthed the demos for my new album at 432Hz as opposed to the traditional 440Hz.

It’s so excited to be creating pop music that also has the added value of having ‘healing frequencies’ embedded within it; thereby contributing to people’s energetic wellbeing in a direct way. The Love Frequency helps us to raise out of lower vibrations (of sadness, anger,jealousy, stress)-into bliss, joy, and love. These states often initiate a self-empowering cycle (i.e. the more love we have the more we create love. And vice versa).We don’t have to wait for something external to create the circumstances for positive states of being in our lives; we can raise our vibration to the state of Love (and sound is a great way to do so!), thereby bringing more of it into our lives and the lives of everyone we touch.